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Muhammad Ali Noor | Project Research Institute

Muhammad Ali Noor

Name: Muhammad Ali Noor

University: RMIT University Melbourne Australia, Full Time PhD Student at the School of Property, Construction and Project Management

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Tayyab Maqsood

Area of Research: Infrastructure Project Procurement in Developing Countries

Title of PhD:  "Investigating the role of procurement practices in effective implementation of infrastructure projects in a developing country : A Case of Pakistan."


The challenges/opportunities:  There is a general consensus that a well suited and well tailored procurement system influences project success and performance. Again this understanding holds for developed countries. There is limited literature that discuses the foregoing in the case of developing countries like Pakistan. The proposed study will be able to explore the different types of procurement practices in Pakistan. The study, therefore, will investigate and evaluate the nature and extent of the relationship between procurement practices, processes, project success and performance in context of Pakistan. This research would review how the construction procurement in Pakistan (a developing country) is evolving, what is the emphasis of construction project procurement in Pakistan. Ascertain whether the procurement systems at present being practiced in the country are they appropriate in the context of development. Provide a thorough assessment of factors which impact procurement activity in Pakistan. Provide an investigative analysis of the operating realities of procurement practice in Pakistan. 


The research will be qualitative and would rely on in-depth investigation of small sample size of case study projects. The results obtained will be specific to the organisations studied in Pakistan but will have general implications in understanding the role of Procurement Practice in effective implementation of infrastructure projects in a developing country.


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