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Project Management Circa 2025

Project Management Circa 2025 is an edited volume of 29 chapters all concerned with the future of Project Management. The editors are David Cleland and Bopaya Bidanda both of University of Pittsburgh and the book is published by PMI, 2009. 

Panel discussion with selected authors June 24th via Teleconf and Webcast Contact Stella email for call details.

The Book Club discussion followed the pattern below:

Introduction to the book - May 20th via teleconf (email for details)

Discussion opens May 20
Focus is: Global trends in PM

Discussion opens May 27
Focus is: An industry based comparison of the future of PM: construction and software

Discussion opens June 3
Focus is:Law and PM in the future

Discussion opens June 10
Focus is: Team leadership in complex future projects

Discussion opens June 17
Focus is: Communication, networking and professional associations in the future

Panel discussion with selected authors June 24th via Teleconf and Webcast Contact Stella email for call details.


About Project Management Circa 2025


"Project management is the principle means by which we manage change, which is inevitable in any organization," said Professor Cleland. "Project Management Circa 2025 will create awareness of what future changes can be expected in the use of project management, and help facilitate the management of these changes." Read more at


Project Management Circa 2025 draws "on the collective experience of

project management leaders from around the world, the book develops and

explores scenarios for project management in the year 2025. The authors

identify and evaluate the likely future of project management, exploring

key issues that will affect everyone involved with project management, from

the theorist to the practitioner."  PMI website

The volume is divided into five parts: 

1. Examples of projects from georgraphic and industry applications

2. Project management system applications

3. Project management organizational applications

4. Project management in government

5. Likely growth in project management


PMSTUDENT review of PM Circa 2025

This book is available at


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