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Project Management Office (PMO): A Quest For Understanding | Project Research Institute

Project Management Office (PMO): A Quest For Understanding

Covering how PMOs are structured, their role, types, use and how they are embedded in organisational dynamics the research monograph PMO: A Quest for Understanding sets a strong foundation framework on PMOs. 

From definitions of PMOs, thorough their evolutions and history, this research provides a descriptive portrait of PMOs. The researchers present a typology of PMOs considering characteristics and most commonly used. Their work then moves to an in-depth study of four organisations including a study of PMO organisational performance. They conclusde with a consideration of process side of PMO, covering innovation transformations and tensions around the use of PMOs.


Book Club weekly discussions focus on:

June 7 - What is a PMO really?

June  14 - What types of PMO exist?

June 21 - How do PMOs work effectively within organisations?

June 28 - What does all this mean for my PMO and my organisation?

This book discussion will be followed  with a WICKED PROBLEM discussion.


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