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About Us | Project Research Institute

About Us

The Project Research Institute is based at Athabasca University, Canada. The institute is led by its director, Dr Janice Thomas, who is aided by Dr Stella George, Research Manager. PMRI is the foundation for a centre of excellence in collaborative project management research.

Why at AU?

Athabasca University is a recognized leader in connecting individuals to learning around the world. Athabasca‚Äôs experience and research in distance education and remote working and collaboration puts it in the ideal place to respond to the needs of collaboration in research.   As an institution, it is ideally situated to support a globally dispersed community of interested individuals. It is also strongly positioned within the international project management research community with many research connections, collaborations and relationships to draw upon to build this institute.

Why now?

The Research Institute has been created from leveraging the 1.14M US$ grant researchers at AU and around the world received to study the Value of Project Management with government funds earmarked for continuing to support global research collaborations in project management. The work on the value project not only provided the funds to initiate this Insitute, it also provided the global relationships and reputation build from.


The Project Research Institute facilitates partnerships and collaboration that generates meaningful, practical and theoretically sound (i.e. quality) project management research to improve the practice of project management worldwide.

The work of the Institute builds from the internationally recognised Rethinking Project Management Research Project (2004 -2006) based in the UK, hosted by the University of Manchester and the truly collaborative team that researched the Value of Project Management (2004 -2008).


Exercise leadership to significantly advance the state of knowledge in project, program and portfolio management.

Keep researchers in academe and practice in touch and in collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of research direction and findings.

Advocate and promote simple to use collegial and highly productive virtual environments and teams to support academic and practitioner excellence in project management research.

Develop a sustainable infrastructure and cadre of project management professionals and academics to improve collaboration and data exchange between, across and within industries.

Provide an atmosphere and opportunity for open examination of innovative project management concepts and questions in order to identify better solutions to Project Management Challenges.

Stimulate, enable, facilitate and direct application of project management research projects to real program and project management situations.


The Institute's culture is one of a co-operative community based on knowledge sharing and collaborative action. Collaboration at the institute reflects the highest standards of academic and applied research. Membership reflects a commitment to the active project management research community