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How 'Angry Birds' gives us easy access to new ideas | Project Research Institute

How 'Angry Birds' gives us easy access to new ideas

Analogies are a wonderful, creative and often colourful root to opening one's mind to ideas. They are a great way to 'think' and perceive in a way that that I/you might not have even considered before. Let's have some fun in the run up to closing the year. My favourite example, is the cartoon of the tree swing.

Often used to help software engineering teams understand the boundless creativity and viewpoints in communicating requirements.

This version (click to enlarge image) could easily be viewed relative to any project where the complexity of understanding different stakeholder (and other hangers on) requirements of the project is prominent.

As my title suggests I was prompted to write a note on this topic by a fun blog from Dina Garfinkel "What Project Managers can learn from angry birds." Dina relates her game playing to project planning, patient open-minded strategizing and careful resource usage. I like this article because without realising it, it underlines how fun is linked to our creativity.

Another thoughtful analogy is the gardening analogy written about by Herding Cats. In this article geographic and cultural demands placed on project management are considered and, in my view, the misplaced concept of one-project-management-for-all simply dissolves.

Bogdan on Believerable writes a series of blogs about online web projects using a submarine analogy - a spacecraft might also have worked here - either way I am surprised and repulsed by the claustrophobic feeling here. It just does not seem to be fun at all. It surely does a good job of illustrating how project types place interesting demands on a project management doctrine and highlighting the ubiquitous project issue of communication.

I could go on - analogies turn project managers into people-managers, magicians, plate spinners, sportsmen (no women oddly!), war historians, story tellers - but I won't, it's all really just about making sense of this interesting domain. To close, I leave you with the ability to  create your own tree cartoon to communicate what you will ;-) to whoever will listen ;-)

Analogies and metaphor by Anonymous

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