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Focus - what focus?

Another year, another set of stats showing how projects are failing.

But are they really, or is there something that the lurid headlines have missed?

In this commentary, I describe an alternative take on success, and how a return to the thinking of Project Management basics can help at a portfolio level.


What might business want from the project management component of business schools?

Earlier this year (2012) an EFMD Meeting for Deans and Directors Generals was presented with the view of Sir Richard Lambert (Chancellor of Warwick University, UK) on what business wants from business schools. You can read the full (short) article, it won't take long;  Sir Richard suggests 4 key points: Embracing Diversity; Dealing with Uncertainty; Understanding the role of government and; the Purpose of business.

Planned vs. unplanned fit - Does design matter?

An interesting question to pose is how much it matters whether fit is a product of design. Is it important that we planned our project management implementation to work this way, or just that we got there from here in the end?

Where’s the strategy? Part Two

Researcher: Tell me how you manage strategically important projects in this organisation. 

CEO: Project management?  If you mean, do we have a Gantt Chart for all our projects, the answer is no.

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