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Beverly Pasian's blog

Customer involvement is ‘mature’ when managing e-Learning projects

My recent doctoral work explored the limitations

New voices in 'eLearning project management' conversation

 Several voices have just contributed to the conversation concerning e-Learning and project management…they can be found at a new special issue of the Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management.

'First comes trust, then comes process.'

The influence of human factors is a key element in the management of e-Learning projects. Trust, attitude, motivation, and loyalty—these qualities surface amongst teams and can (and should be) fostered by e-Learning project managers. They stabilize a challenging environment through the power of their own flexibility. In the words of one of my recent research subjects when asked what factors most affected these projects, ‘Trust is number one. Teamwork and culture—those are very big and in the absence of these, then process we can fall back on.’

The virtual world: real support to project managers learning needs

The nexus between ICT-enabled learning and project management will be the focus of this blog. An examination of this space will raise questions…Can the understanding and practice of project management be affected or enabled by the online world? Can the management of e-Learning projects affect learning and learner outcomes?

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