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Harvey.Maylor's blog

Focus - what focus?

Another year, another set of stats showing how projects are failing.

But are they really, or is there something that the lurid headlines have missed?

In this commentary, I describe an alternative take on success, and how a return to the thinking of Project Management basics can help at a portfolio level.


Where’s the strategy? Part Two

Researcher: Tell me how you manage strategically important projects in this organisation. 

CEO: Project management?  If you mean, do we have a Gantt Chart for all our projects, the answer is no.

Where’s the strategy? - part one


It is hard to imagine that all organisations are not already world-class in their management of projects!  There is so much written on the development of capabilities, that surely it is no longer a mystery?  Yet, in practice, organisational PM seems to be following the notions of PM as ‘the accidental profession,’ with strategies that result in PM being ‘the accidental capability.’  

Why Not?

A US$30M construction and engineering contract, had been delivered early (for the first time in corporate memory), under budget and with the client praising the quality.  The difference between this and previous projects, most of which had ended with a very different result, was ascribed to the approach used.  The firm had adopted a version of Advanced Project Thinking (APT).  The review was completed quickly, the celebrations arranged, and the chairman’s award for the project and their personal bonuses discussed.

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