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mmullaly's blog

Planned vs. unplanned fit - Does design matter?

An interesting question to pose is how much it matters whether fit is a product of design. Is it important that we planned our project management implementation to work this way, or just that we got there from here in the end?

Fit and maturity - Giving maturity the context it needs


One of the fundamental tools for evaluating the effectiveness of project management practices has been the maturity model. While popularized in the last twenty years, particularly through the introduction of the Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM-SW, now CMMI) by Carnegie Mellon University, maturity models have been around for an extended period of time.

Exploring fit - It's implications for project management


'Fit' is not a new concept, and it didn't start with project management.

While the Value of PM project made the concept of 'fit' a central focus of our investigation, it is a broader concept that was originally defined as part of the exploration of organizational strategy. 'Fit' as a concept emerged as a response to a problem in strategy research; that, in essence, the traditional views of strategy research didn't reflect what was actually happening in organizations.

Is your Project Management Fit?


Fit - what is it and why should we care? 'Fit' is a bit of an odd word. It seems simple and straightforward, and we all assume that we know what it means. But what does 'fit' have to do with project management, or organizations, or organizational project management?

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