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What might business want from the project management component of business schools?

Earlier this year (2012) an EFMD Meeting for Deans and Directors Generals was presented with the view of Sir Richard Lambert (Chancellor of Warwick University, UK) on what business wants from business schools. You can read the full (short) article, it won't take long;  Sir Richard suggests 4 key points: Embracing Diversity; Dealing with Uncertainty; Understanding the role of government and; the Purpose of business.

Happy New Year's Direction

As we welcome in 2012 the Research Insitute widens its focus from project management to the managment of projects and  with  this comes a change of our name the the Project Research Insitute.

How 'Angry Birds' gives us easy access to new ideas

Analogies are a wonderful, creative and often colourful root to opening one's mind to ideas. They are a great way to 'think' and perceive in a way that that I/you might not have even considered before. Let's have some fun in the run up to closing the year. My favourite example, is the cartoon of the tree swing.

Often used to help software engineering teams understand the boundless creativity and viewpoints in communicating requirements.

Stranger in our own lands

As an English immigrant to Canada I had thought that there would be some effort required to culturally integrate to my new home land but I totally underestimated the affect of language in this integrative process - even when my old and new home tongue is the essentially the same. Something as simple as asking my child's friend to put his backpack in the boot rather than trunk of the car has caused regular comedic moments - "Boot? What boot? I'm not wearing any boots!".

Stranger in a strange land.


Travel and inquiry are two of the best ways to broaden one's horizons and connect more fully with this interesting and active world - this was much my experience in attending the IRNOP conference recently.


The Institute

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