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Managing complexity is much more like art.

There are some for whom complexity is a science.  I have previously argued  that this is a worthy approach, but that its insights for the management of projects are limited to analogy, rather than equivalence (see also Geraldi et al, 2011).  To my mind, managing complexity is much more like art.  It can be informed by the science, but is a profoundly human activity.  Moreover, in complex situations, there is space for a great diversity of responses by managers, and this is where we migrate from mechanical work to artistic.  

Exploring fit - It's implications for project management


'Fit' is not a new concept, and it didn't start with project management.

While the Value of PM project made the concept of 'fit' a central focus of our investigation, it is a broader concept that was originally defined as part of the exploration of organizational strategy. 'Fit' as a concept emerged as a response to a problem in strategy research; that, in essence, the traditional views of strategy research didn't reflect what was actually happening in organizations.

It’s complicated (complex)!

One size fits all project management just isn’t working.  Every organisation I have been into recently has a process, system, governance and individuals, who, if the corporate blurb is to be believed, are perfectly suited to managing everything from an office outing to a major corporate alignment following a merger or acquisition.  Hand-waves to ‘fitting to context’ abound, but are rarely grounded with the kind of research needed.

Is your Project Management Fit?


Fit - what is it and why should we care? 'Fit' is a bit of an odd word. It seems simple and straightforward, and we all assume that we know what it means. But what does 'fit' have to do with project management, or organizations, or organizational project management?

Can research and practice make good bedfellows?

My first topic is one that keeps me awake at night – how research and practice can help each other.  In principle this seems so straightforward, and engaged scholarship (e.g. Van der Ven, 2007) happens very naturally.

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