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What’s in Your Toolkit to Avoid ‘Ideas’ that Fail

The current interest for collaboration in governments and the not-for-profit sector suggests many stakeholders already endorse collaboration as a strategy to increase capacity and effectiveness in the sector for human services—perhaps many see it as a ‘magic bullet’ to achieve the outcomes (Roberts & O’Connor, 2007).

Why Lean-Agile is relevant to all Project Managers

Governance, uncertainty and complexity, under estimation and empowerment. All issues that concern project managers, at least judging by recent PRI blog entries. In this and subsequent posts I will attempt to show how the principles and practices of Lean-Agile Software Development offer creative solutions to general project challenges such as these, and thus are relevant to all project managers.

Motivation: Understanding why we do things (or don’t)

Understanding and being able to influence the factors that initiate, sustain, and change human behaviour, are crucial to leadership theory and practice including the field of project management (Mengel, 2008). In my final blog, I’d like to reflect on some insights gained from a conference on motivation where I presented (Mengel, 2011a, 2011b) and learned from others (3rd International Conference of the World Society of Motivation Scientists and Practitioners). 

The Weakest Link: Complex Collaboration

Complex collaboration refers to situations where working together effectively across boundaries is critical for complex projects and problems (Beyerlein et al, 2004). In public sector and the Not-For-Profit agencies this type of work often involves projects of large scope and long duration (Bevan, 2011). The knowledge of a variety of disciplines may be involved (e.g. physician groups, nurses, counsellors, social workers, administrators, educators, probation officers, etc.).

Customer involvement is ‘mature’ when managing e-Learning projects

My recent doctoral work explored the limitations

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