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‘So What?’ – Why Do We So Often Forget To Answer this Question?


After more than 10 ten years of teaching MBA students and reading their applied project theses, and more years than I like to remember delivering corporate education,  I find myself still writing ‘so what?’ at the end of the statements in many reports.  I constantly ask myself the question‘…how do students arrive at the question ‘now what?’ without answering the ‘so what?’  

The impact of the healthcare project team

Considerable research has gone into identifying the characteristics of effective teams (IOM, 2001).  These characteristics include: team makeup, such as having the appropriate size and composition and the ability to reduce negative effects of status differences between, for example, physicians and nurses and physicians and project managers; and team processes, such as communication structures, conflict management and leadership that emphasizes excellence and conveys.

Implementing Health Care Projects ‘Off the Side of the Desk’

The commitment to finance ‘full time’ resources to high risk cross-agency projects is a problem for governments and for their partners—the not-for-profit and community based service providers.  In my previous blog the complexity of implementing projects that cut across government (e.g. health, education, social services, justice, housing, etc.) involving a variety of different types of community based and not-for-profit agencies are described as high risk projects.

‘Glue People’ – or How do you hold it all together? – Having a peek (Part II)

This second part of my blog (Having a peek), reporting back on intriguing insights into what has been cooking in the management research lab of the School of Business at Umeå University (USBE) in Northern Sweden, was triggered by a dialogue with colleague Thommie Burström, Assistant Professor of Management at USBE. After my internal presentation on motivation and leadership (Mengel, 2010) we discussed how personal frustration of project team members or project managers in the context of complex projects might contribute to their burnout.

Implementing Cross-Agency Projects: Complexity & Collaboration


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