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Sponsors in Governance (part two)

Sponsors are the owner’s representatives in linking positions between the project and its parent organisation, in sponsors in governance part one we reviewed the  sponsors role in governance and we move on to consider how situational sponsorship (see book club) helps sponsors and project managers understand how to be better at governance.

How to facilitate innovation? – Having a peek (Part I)

Frequent innovation is impossible without deliberate effort of organizations and people. But what might be some key factors in facilitating these efforts successfully? – This is the first of two blogs where I share some results from having a peek into current project management related research efforts undertaken at the School of Business at Umeå University in Northern Sweden.

New voices in 'eLearning project management' conversation

 Several voices have just contributed to the conversation concerning e-Learning and project management…they can be found at a new special issue of the Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management.

Sponsors in Governance (part one)

In how to organize for good governance, I focussed on  governors in particular. Project governors are executives put in a position to make decisions on projects, their assignment is often associated with traditional hierarchical governance. I also touched on sponsors on whom I will now focus. Sponsors are the owner’s representatives in linking positions between the project and its parent organisation. 

The prudent project manager – Multiple intelligences for complex environments

In a complex project environment we may have to move on from traditional tools and techniques into the  use of multiple intelligences and of the virtue of prudence (practical wisdom and foresight). In my previous blog I have discussed the need to get from traditional tools and techniques focused project management training to more advanced project management education. In particular, I have argued that advanced project management training needs to prepare the project manager to surf on the edge of chaos and lead the change she is part of.

The Institute

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