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Guidelines for writing a blog for PMRI | Project Research Institute

Guidelines for writing a blog for PMRI

A typical blog consists of text, images and links to blogs, web pages and other media related to your topic. The objective of a blog is to initiate discussions on topics of interest through comments and possibly follow on blogs.

The blogs posted on PMRI serve a number of purposes:

  • provide information to an advanced PM practitioner and research community

  • a series of blogs to bring awareness and depth around a common theme

  • public acknowledgement of researcher contributions to project management research

  • bring awareness to ideas and concepts that warrant further discussion

Writing blogs for PMRI

Blog contributions to PMRI on the subjects of research topics in Project Management and collaborative working in projects are welcomed. We would also welcome contributions that ask the questions that arise form the wicked problems of project management.

The PMRI audience is advanced practitioners and researchers. 

Each blog post:

  • is short, in research terms, at around 500 - 700 words

  • is good quality i.e., a meaty opinion piece based in research and evidence

  • can point to further literature in the area for those interested

  • must include attributions to other authors, bloggers and conversations

  • can be content similar to long conference abstracts

  • can bring a little wisdom to ideas and literature which is already published

  • can be about new ideas

  • brings your expertise to a wider community

  • needs to be dynamic, interesting and enjoyable

  • has a clear distinct title that is a complete thought and sentence on its own.


on style:

  • use an approachable book style, not an academic journal style

  • use short paragraphs (2-3 sentences)

  • be personable and honest in style so as to invite interaction through blog  comments 

  • put a creative thought and a reason to read the rest of the blog int he first (short) paragraph

  • conclude your blog post and include a comment about how it could relate to the reader.

Delivering your blog to PMRI

If you request it, you can post your blog online yourself via your profile on PMRI or email them to Stella to post on your behalf (attributed to your own profile).

If you would like to write a series of posts, they should be posted on PMRI on a regular basis, as best practice suggests this is the  best way to capture and maintain an audience.  


We will include blogs in our RSS feed and in our newsletters.


Example blogs on project management can be found on Blogs and Cloud Chatter 


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