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PM chatter on the cloud | Project Research Institute

PM chatter on the cloud

PRI Bloggers - > most recent PRI blogs

Dr Svetlana Cicmil - an experiment in blogging

Mark Mullaly - PRI Correspondent writing on the relationship between fit and effective project management

Dr Harvey Maylor - PRI Fellow writing on some of the tirckier problems and misconceptions in project management.

Steven Thomas - PRI Correspondent writing on Lean Agile and Project Management

Dr Eileen Pepler - PRI Fellow writing for public sector and not-for-profit managers overseeing project implementations

Dr Thomas Mengel - PRI Fellow - writing on the human side of project management

Dr Ole Jonny Klakegg  - PRI Fellow - writing on governance and why it is so unclear. Also of interest - book club review of Dr Klakegg's research monograph.

Dr Beverly Pasian - PRI Correspondent - writing about online learning and project management

Dr Joana Geraldi - PRI Fellow - writing on organising for projects

Prof Lynn Crawford - PRI Fellow - writing on sponsorship and standards

Prof Terry Williams - PRI Fellow writing on the complicated matter of risk and gaining a real understanding of projects

Prof Janice Thomas - Director PRI

Dr Stella George - Research Manager PRI

If you would like to blog for PMRI please see our guidelines for blogging and email us with your ideas.


Interesting posts on  the web

PWC 2012 Insights and Trends: Current Programme, Portfolio and Project Management Practices (.pdf)

ESI International's 2012 Project Management Trends

A web-article on 9 Best practices for sucessful IT projects from CIO magazine has promopted discussion on LinkedIn in the group Real World Project Management Practices. The discussion has pointed to two further links based in US congressional report on Critical Factors Underlying Successful Major Acquisitions and UK government best practices.

If you're enjoying Terry Williams' blog about failure and risk, try this news story on Oxford based research into Black Swans

An HBR comment on trust is fundamental for collaboration

PMI Voices (Geoff Mattie) on Crowdsourcing projects - discussion piece

Project Management, Project Managers, Projects and Value - discussion piece (Todd Williams)

The state of PM Blogging (Herding Cats) - direction piece

PM Bloggers

PM Researchers with blogs are listed on the Research Academics list.

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Thoughts from the nine resident bloggers at Project Times

PM Student (blog) recommending PM bloggers

Keeping track of Mega-projects world with Oxford's BT Centre for Major Programme Management's facebook feed

Herding Cats - increasing project success

Mosaicproject - project and stakeholder management topics

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