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Exploring the Complexity of Projects | Project Research Institute

Exploring the Complexity of Projects

Overview of Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory For Project Management Practice

This short reseach monograph published in 2009 is packed with interesting research in its 87 pages which brings to life the discussion about complexity in and of projects. 

It takes the reader from an understanding of what information theorists and scientists really mean when they use the terms complex and complexity through to an understanding of what project complexity means in practice.

The objectives of this research focus on the application of the concept of complexity \ to practice to broadens the understanding of:


- planning

- project interactions (coalition over time)

- decision making and action around instability in projects.


Using an interpretive framework the research brings evidence forward about three key aspects of complexity in projects: conflicting understandings about goal of the project; unpredictability of future events; and interaction of multi-agencies (people, culture, values etc.). As with all good research it moves the reader toward the implications for practice and research in its conclusion.

Online Discussion [MEMBERS] can discuss each of the topics over the next four weeks.

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Feb 23 -What is complexity really?

Mar 1 - How does complexity show up in practice?

Mar 8 - What does the research show?

Mar 15 - What do these results mean for those incolved with management of projects?






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