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This PMI research project monograph by Dr Svetlana Cicmil, Dr Terry Cooke-Davies, Prof Lynn Crawford, Dr Kurt Richardson presents an understanding of what information theorists and scientists really mean when they use the terms complex and complexity through to an understanding of what project complexity means in practice. Using an interpretive framework the research brings evidence forward about three key aspects of complexity in projects: conflicting understandings about goal of the project; unpredictability of future events; and interaction of multi-agencies (people, culture, values etc.). As with all good research it moves the reader toward the implications for practice and research in its conclusion. An introductory overview of this book. The asynchronous discussion forum of the PMRI book club considered key factors (weekly topics Feb 23 - Mar 15) [MEMBER CONTENT] We will host a discussion with the author to close this book club. It is easy to become a PRI member (no charge , we would appreciate comments on the book discussion) at create a new PMRI membership
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This research, PMO: A Quest for Understanding sets a strong foundation framework on PMOs. , opens the discussion on how PMOs are structured, their role, types, use and how they are embedded in organizational dynamics. From definitions of PMOs, thorough their evolutions and history, this research provides a descriptive portrait of PMOs. The researchers present a typology of PMOs considering characteristics and most commonly used. Their work then moves to an in-depth study of four organisations including a study of PMO organisational performance. They conclusde with a consideration of process side of PMO, covering innovation trabsformations and tensions around the use of PMOs.
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This monograph, published in 2007, describes a PMI sponsored research study which considers practices for lessons learned in the project management field. The research covers both current and best practice. The monograph is divided into six chapters: 1- Introduction; 2-4 the state of practice; 5 the case study; and 6 conclusions. It considers the current state of practice through review of literature and survey of practice; practice examples (in interview with 6 organizations) and specific examples of how lessons are learned from projects. Note: an online version of they book is available at no cost to PMI members from
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This 2008 PMI funded research investigates the role of sponsorship in projects based on premise that project success may not always be within the control of the project. Discover the different types of sponsorship the authors uncovered in their research and discuss the implications and impacts of their research conclusions.
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Interesting work is being done in by the Norwegian government in the initial development and estimation stages of its public projects. This book describes the first stages of research into that work. Comparing and contrasting the UK and Norwegian models of project governance it investigates governance frameworks for public investment projects.
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PMRI book club will introduced the monograph of this huge research project. On a weekly basis questions examining aspects of the book were posted in this forum for consideration and/or discussion. On October 28th PMRI will host a chaired discussion with the authors and researchers from this project.
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Project Management Circa 2025 is an edited volume of 29 chapters all concerned with the future of Project Management. The editors are David Cleland and Bopaya Bidanda both of University of Pittsburgh and the book is published by PMI, 2009. The volume is divided into five parts:  1. Examples of projects from georgraphic and industry applications 2. Project management system applications 3. Project management organizational applications 4. Project management in government 5. Likely growth in project management This forum is an online discussion of specially selected chapters. We will endeavour to host and online event with the author post online discussion. 
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A forum hosting the discussion about the research monograph Selling Project Management to Senior Executives.
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