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Wicked Problems

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This is a very frustrating problem to those closely involved in PM: one that is more centred around strategy than tactics. We discussed the book Selling PM to Senior Executives in our first book club at PMRI. There is also an interesting practice based online article from Cindy Lewis (International Institute for Learning) on
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Covering how PMOs are structured, their role, types, use and how they are embedded in organisational dynamics the research monograph PMO: A Quest for Understanding ( sets a strong foundation framework on PMOs. What it does not address is the cyclical nature of innovation, maintanance and decline of innovations such as PMOs. We ask why use a PMO and how long do you expect it to exist? What happens when you've got all you want from your PMO innovation? As valubale as PMOs are, what us their evoling process once they have established a"norm' for good PM function within a organisation? What happens when your PMO is no longer innovative? Do you innvate for innovations sake? Does the model of PMO change to reflect new needs or careate a need for a PMO?
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Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/10/2011 - 12:42. What is being done to create a stadard PM training syllabus, given that my research indicates a high degree of disconent in certain industry sectors with current training programmes including at Masters level in US, UK and Oz Unis?
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OK, so can you share, I am cuious what it is that we really use for PM , not what we say we use what we really like t use and why we like, why it works. Can you share?
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