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Have you read something good lately? Did you read something that stole your time? Tell us what it was and what you thought of it.
If you read something that stole your time or was not really of value let us know. Post the citation as a forum topic and your thoughts about the read
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Please leave the citation of PM stuff you read that was definitely worth the time it took and note what it was you liked about it.
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A place to post and discuss suggestions for an Open Minds forum
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Why is there a gap between what we think we should do as documented in training and standards; what research tells us; and what we do in our practice? There is substantial research that shows that common PM tools and processes are not used in practice - even by those who have been trained in these ideas. In a meeting with advanced practitioners the issue was raised in terms of trainees not taking learning back to organizations; how to transfer knowledge; and the need for mentoring? How can we transfer knowledge, what works and what doesn't and more deeply discuss why what we are currently doing doesn't seem to work and what needs to be done about it.
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