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Governance Frameworks - Author Discussion | Project Research Institute

Governance Frameworks - Author Discussion

On Thursday Dec 16th at 8:30am (mountain time), 10:30am (eastern time) and 16:30 in Norway we met with the author of our featured book Ole Jonny Klakegg on the topic: Governance frameworks are dependent on their context and purpose, are governance frameworks best chosen or evolved?

In our discussion Ole Jonny and Stella were joined by Janice Thomas (PMRI DIrector and PM researcher), Asmamaw Tadege Shiferaw (NTNU PhD candidate), Paul Givens (an Advanced PM practitioner, Worley Parsons).


We opened our discussion today with a consideration of the questions raised in the online forum discussion.

Asmamaraw Shiferaw recapped his question about the need or not for a separated governance framework. We discussed this point through two routes one considering the history of how governance frameworks are put in place or develop and the seconded through a discussion of the gap that may exist between the governance of a corporation and the governance required for projects and programs. 

A second discussion theme in the forum (originated by Paul Givens) queried the idea behind clarity in what a governance framework is. Underlying this point was discussion around many and different  perspectives of clear governance and the link to (1) motivations for requiring governance and (2) its fit with the culture of the organization, industry and people.

Aspects related to good research work in project management around sampling strategies between mega, major (as in this case) and small projects and the motivation, funding and independence for such research was also discussed by the group with Ole Jonny describing this research's structure and ongoing support via development arenas (by project owners, government and internationally in the Concept  Research Forum).

As with all good discussions we experienced much interlinking between the ideas raised, a full recording of the discussion can be accessed via the PMRI book club soon.

A recording of the discussion is available.


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