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Getting Involved | Project Research Institute

Getting Involved

At the Project Reseearch Institute we are bringing together people interested in project based work and research. Whether you are a practitioner, manager, student or seasoned researcher you and PRI can benefit from your input and collaboration in project research.

We extend to you an invitation to ask questions you have about project management research as an opening minds question (to spread the word about interesting research) or a wicked problem (to spread your desire for research to tackle a particular issue) as well as sharing knowledge about articles, books  and blogs that exemplify good quality PM research.

Staying in touch and informed @au_priFB and LinkedIn

Sponsorship Opportunties

This is a crucial time in Project Research Institiute's dveleopment and sponsorship offers vital support to continue building the relationships between research and practice. Sponsorship cna occur in two ways: active participation or financial sponshorship of key areas.

Organsiations can:

  • nominate and sponsor a wicked problem for discussion (in house or in the world)
  • sponsor an event such as a blog, workshop or webinar
  • sponsor their employee's time to submit articles and discussion
  • refer and contract PRI to work on a specific challenge or problem
  • sponsor our staff writers

Individuals from all backgrounds can be involved:

if you are a practitioner interested in research you can:

  • Join a community interested in project management at a deeper level
  • Get your research questions on the research agenda
  • Access webinars on current project management topics
  • Start a conversation about project management by asking questions and participating in discussions

if you are a researcher you can:

  • Join a community concerned with framing the project management research agenda
  • Identify collaborators for international grant bids
  • Collaborate  virtually with international research teams
  • Share your work and knowledge, current questions in our collaborative, critical community
  • Promote and disseminate your research findings via research reviews, bookclub or blog

If you are a postgraduate student or new researcher you can:

  • Join a community of established researchers and practitioners
  • Run a survey project
  • Access current online events
  • Ask questions
  • Share your knowledge of research papers and access other reviews
  • Participate in building a common foundation of influential project management literature 

if you are an organization with project management challenges you can:

  • nominate a  wicked problem for discussion
  • sponsor a blog, workshop or webinar
  • have key employees become members
  • contact us for referral on your challenge or problem


The Institute

The newly created Project Management Research institute provides a focus on collaborative research excellence in project management. Read more..