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Literature Reviews

Shared reviews of classic and influential literature are a great way to build understanding for research students in project management and those interested in the application of project management literature to live projects.

You can also find literature reviewed and discussed at the PRI Book Club and a review of a selection of research articles are also provided on PMPerspectives at Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Did you like something you read? Does one of our recommendations stink - tell us and  see what others thought about it.


A Good Read

Key works in, and related to, Project Management have been recommended as good reads by our community:

(If you like something you read or one of our recommendations stinks - tell us and  see what others thought about it.)

Newest Entries

Besner, Claude; Hobbs, Brian (2012). The paradox of risk management; a project management practice perspective.  International Journal of Managing Projects in Business 5. 2

A little something on the insights that lay in practice:

Thomas, Janice and Buckle-Henning, Pam (2007). Dancing in the white spaces: Exploring gendered assumptions in successful project managers’ discourse about their work. International Journal of Project Management, 25(6), 552−559. 

Bresner, Claude and Hobbs, Brian (2008) ‘Project management practice, generic or contextual: A reality check’. Project Management Journal, 39 (1): 16–34. 

Blomquist, T., Hallgren, M., Nilsson, A. and Soderholm, A. (2010) Project-as-Practice: In Search of Project Management Research That Matters Project Management Journal 41(1) pp. 5-16

Styhre, A. (2011), “Practice and intuitive thinking: The situated nature of practical work”, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol. 19 No. 2, pp. 109-126.

Alphabetical Listing

Boehm, B. Get Ready for Agile Methods, With Care. Computer 2002 35(1) 64-69

Brady,Tim and Davies, Andrew  Building Project Capabilities: From Exploratory to Exploitative Learning. Organization Studies. Berlin: 2004. Vol. 25, Iss. 9; p. 1601

Brown, S. L., & Eisenhardt, K. M.  The art of continuous change: Linking complexity theory and time-paced evolution in relentlessly shifting organizations. Administrative Science Quarterly, 1997 42(1), 1-34.

Cockburn, A. and Highsmith, J. Agile Software development: The People Factor. Computer 2001 34(11) 131-133. 

Crawford, Lynn H and Helm, Jane Government and Governance: The Value of Project Management in the Public Sector Project Management Journal. Sylva: Mar 2009. Vol. 40, Iss. 1; p. 73

Jacobsson, Mattias and Söderholm, Anders  “Breaking Out of the Straitjacket of Project Research: In Search of Contribution”, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 2011 Vol. 4, No. 3

Pellegrinelli, Sergio. Programme management: Organising project-based change.  International Journal of Project Management. Kidlington: Jun 1997. Vol. 15, Iss. 3; p. 141

Pinto, Jeff Project Management 2002. in Research-Technology Management, 2002 45(2), 22-37.

Wang, Catherine, L and  Ahmed, Pervaiz K. Dynamic capabilities: A review and research agenda. International Journal of Management Reviews. Oxford: Mar 2007. Vol. 9, Iss. 1; p. 31

Weick, Karl E., "Drop your tools: An Allegory for Organizational Studies" Administrative Science Quarterly. pp301-313. 1996 Jun. Nominated by: Dr Janice Thomas

Williams, Terry  Assessing and Moving on from the Dominant Project Management Discourse in the Light of Project Overruns  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management  2005  52(4) p497-508 

Blog: Reviews of key project management papers by Alexander Budzier - sadly Alex isn't adding to this collection any more :(

Reviews BY and FOR Members

Rolf Lundin & Anders Söderholm's 1995 A theory of the temporary organization. Scandinavian Journal of Management (11)  Review by Dr Lavagnon Ika

Tyrone S Pitsis, Stewart Clegg, Marton Marosszeky and Thekla Rura-Polley (2003) Constructing the Olympic Dream: A Future Perfect Strategy of Project Management Organization Science 14(5) 574-590 Review by Dr Stella George

Tomas Blomquist, Marcus Hallgren, Andreas Nilsson and Anders Soderholm (2010) Project-as-Practice: In Search of Project Management Research That Matters Project Management Journal, Vol. 41, No. 1, 5–16 Review by Dr Stella George

PMJ award winning paper for 2010 Terence J Cooke-Davies; Lynn H Crawford; Thomas G Lechler (2009) Project Management Systems: Moving Project Management From an Operational to a Strategic Discipline Nominated by Prof Janice Thomas, Reviewed by Dr Stella George

PMJ award winning paper for 2008 Blaize Reich (2007). Managing Knowledge and Learning in IT Projects: A Conceptual Framework and Guidelines for Practice.Project Management Journal, Project Management Institute Vol. 38, No. 2, pp 5-17. Nominated by Dr Stella George. Reviewed by M. Ali Noor

Terry Williams (2005) Assessing And Moving On From The Dominant Project Management Discourse In The Light Of Project Overruns. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 52. Nominated by Dr Stella George, Reviewed by S.Gul

PhD Summary of Kathy Cowan-Sahadath's PhD

PhD Summary of Joana Geraldi's PhD 

PhD Summary of Ole Jonny Klakegg's PhD 

PhD Summary of Monique Aubry's PhD 

PhD Summary of Elmar Kutsch's PhD 

Abstract of Mattias Jacobsson's PhD

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Did you like something you read? Does one of our recommendations stink - tell us and  see what others thought about it.

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