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PRI on Process

Peer Review

The peer review process is taking a battering in the hard sciences right now - will social science and management fair any better - thought provoking discussion indeed. Submitted  Thu, 06/03/2010 - 11:13

Articles about peer review:  Understanding and writing peer reviews. Submitted Mon, 05/31/2010 - 13:34

What is a Peer Review?  Writing a Peer Review.


"On January 4, ESI International, the world’s leading project management learning company, revealed its Top 10 Global Project Management Trends for 2011. Key themes include building the project manager’s (PM) influence, accelerating new leadership and communication skills, and increased use of informal learning approaches such as social media and experiential training. A global panel of consultants and senior executives assembled by ESI identified the trends."


PRI on Research

Stella George reviews Blomquist, T, Hallgren,M. Nilsson,A. and Soderholm. A (2010) Project-as-Practice: In Search of Project Management Research That Matters

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Stella George reviews Cook-Davies, Crawford and Lechler's 2010 PMJ paper of the year.

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Saleem Gul reviews Terry Williams' 2005 article from IEEE 

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Book Club


Vacation Reading whilst PMRI Book Club is on summer vacation can be found at A Good Read

The Mindset for Creating Project Value

by Thomas G Lechler and John C  Byrne

View an introduction and overview of the book.

We are reading and discussing this research monograph online. Join us for discussion on  project value and project value mindset.

Situational Sponsorship of Projects and Programs

Submitted by on Wed, 01/05/2011 - 12:27

A discussion with the author Lynn Crawford was held by teleconference  on April 13th (North America) April 14th (Sydney, Australia). A recording of this call is available.

PMRI Book club read and discussed on-line is Situational Sponsorship of Projects and Programs: An Empirical Review  By Prof Lynn Crawford, Dr Kaye Remington, Dr Terry Cooke-Davies, Dr Brian Hobbs and Dr Les Labuschagne

View an introduction and overview of the book.

Online forum discussions were posted as we read this interesting book and are available for review in the book club discussion forum.

Governance Frameworks For Public Project Development and Estimation

A comprehensive introduction to Governance Frameworks For Public Project Development and Estimation by Dr Ole Jonny Klakegg.

An introduction to this book club presentation.

Video presentation introducing the book by one of the authors Ole Jonny Klakegg

Online discussion of topics in our forum including: "Governance is an unclear concept."; Why bother with a formal governance framework?  Theoretical ground under the frameworks; How does governance framework influence the project?

Our Discussion of this interesting text concluded with a discussion with the author on the subject of:

Governance frameworks are dependent on their context and purpose, are governance frameworks chosen or evolved? What effect does the way the organization does business, what it values and what type of projects it undertakes have on this debate?

We began this book club with a comprehensive introduction to Governance Frameworks For Public Project Development and Estimation by Dr Ole Jonny Klakegg.


Researching value of PM video introduction and interview recording is available to members.

A video on the PMRI Book Club to PMRI members (sign up - membership is the price of your participation in the discussion) - Thursday Sept 16th 2010.

The book club discussion is open as asynchronous on-line discussion of key themes in this monograph (Friday Sept 17th - Oct. 28th) in an associated PMRI book club forum.  New topics for discussion were posted weekly into the forum.

The book club for this book will complete with a panel discussion by the authors and members of the research team.

Our meeting on October 28th 2010 has been unavoidably postponed. A new date will be circulated as soon as. An opportunity for Q&A with the authors after the discussion will still be available.  

An interview with one of the authors Dr Janice Thomas is available. 

PM Circa 2025 discussion recording and transcript available to members.


On June 24th a panel of authors from the book PM Circa 2025 discussed what PM research could be doing to support this vision.

A panel consisting of 5 authors from our featured chapters: Christophe Bredillet, Stacy Goff, Storm Cunningham, Steve Thomas and Hugh Woodward discussed from their own perspectives the needs placed on PM research and then joined Janice Thomas in a discussion of what PM Research should be focussing on in the near future.

Common Themes arising from discussion

  • PM Tools: barrier and improvements to future use.
  • Project Managers: growth out of tactition perspective
  • Knowledge Transfer: Not just projects, but organizations, generations and cultures.
  • Workfoce/workplace trends: how will they influence PM?
  • Technology and communication: Supporting PM by technology and global and remote work environments
  • Project Manager Performance: how will it be judged? 

 A recording and transcript of this session is now available to PMRI members (go to main page and click log in).

 Presentations/Talks/Conference Participation

Mixed Methods Research project presentation

Presentation Title: 
"Managing large scale mixed methods cross disciplinary research projects"
Dr Janice Thomas

Janice will be giving a presentation "Managing large scale mixed methods cross disciplinary research projects" at University of Southampton on January 25th 2010

Making Projects Critical 5, Bristol UK Jan 20-22

Dr Janice Thomas and Dr Stella George will be attending and presenting their paper Deconstructing the Quest for Value:  language games and power in organizational investment.


Janice is an honourable member for the Concept Symposium on Project Governance in Sept. 2010


Bi-annually, the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and the Concept Research Program welcome specially invited participants from governmental agencies, academia, consultancy firms, and project management associations. Participants are selected resource persons from all over the world with particular experience related to Large Scale Infrastructure topics. This year Janice Thomas is honourable member of the committee organising the event.


The Concept Symposium 2010 on Project Governance will be held at the historical Oscarsborg Fortress just outside Oslo, Norway on September 16th - 17th, 2010. An informal get-together will be arranged on the evening on September 15th.

During two days the most recent thoughts and experience in this field will be presented by a number of speakers in three parallel sessions. The event is an arena for professional exchange among a selected group of about 100 prominent decision makers, researchers and professionals in government, academia, international organizations, and industry. There is no conference fee. Additional information is available on the symposium website


Prof Janice Thomas is awarded PMI Research Achievement Award 

PMI's 2010 Research Achievement Award winner was announced as our very own director Janice Thomas at the PMI Research and Education Conference held in Washington DC Tuesday July 13th.

PMI's award "recognizes and honors an individual who has significantly advanced the concepts, knowledge, and/or practices of project management through professionally conducted and authored project management research."

Janice received this award in recognition "for her exploration of organizational change, team building, and leadership in project management. Her body of research and work provides crucial insight into communication and the understanding of how the practice of project management in organizations can be improved."


Book Release - Project Management Circa 2025 - short video interviews with some of the authors

See what the authors say - video on PMI web site

The official release of the book Project Management Circa 2025 was held on Sunday, 11 October, at PMI Global Congress 2009—North America in Orlando, Florida, USA

You could even take a peek at the facebook fan pages for this book and a discussion about it.

Please note, you must have a Facebook profile in order to contribute. 


 Janice Thomas is particpating in the PMI IS Community of Practice  the first ever Virtual Professional Development Symposium (VPDS) on 6th June 2012.

Join PMRI for a virtual wine and cheese celebration

In celebration of international project management day on Nov 4th (who thinks these up - we are not sure but)  we welcome the chance to get together in celebration of what we spend much of our day to day doing.

If you can,  join us Nov 4th 5pm (MT) for a glass of wine (your choosing) and great conversation.


an invitation to join us in 2012

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