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Publications from Professionalization of Project Management | Project Research Institute

Publications from Professionalization of Project Management

Zwerman, W., Thomas, J., Haydt, S. & Williams, T. (2004)  Professionalization of Project Management:  Exploring the Past to Map the Future.  Newtown, Pennsylvania: PMI Publishing.

Thomas, J.  and Zwerman, W. (2006) Professionalization of Project Management:  What does it mean for practice? In Cabannis-Brewin, J. and Crawford, K.  AMA Handbook of Project Management, 2nd edition. New York:  AMACOM.

Blomquist, T and Thomas, J (2008)  Certifiering Au Projektledare: Ett Satt Att Skapa Trygghet I Yrkesrouen.  In Stjernberg, T. Soderlund, J and Wilkstrom, E. (Eds.), PROJEKTLIV – Villkor For Uthallig Projektverksamhet. (Chapter 8). Kopieringsforbud Forfafttarna Och Studentlittertur (in Swedish)

Conference Activity

2004 “Exploring the Development of a Profession:  Lessons for Project Management from other Occupations”  with Bill Zwerman.  Paper presented to Biannual PMI Research Conference in London, England.

2004  “Project Manager’s Perceptions of the Motivation for and Benefits of Certification.” with Thomas Blomquist.  Poster Paper presented at International Research Network on Managing by Projects Biannual Conference in Finland.

2004 “Moving Project Management from Occupation to Profession: Implications and Process”  with Bill Zwerman.  Paper presented to the Global PMI Congress, Prague.

2003 “Moving Project Management from occupation to profession:  Implications and Processes”  with Bill Zwerman.  Paper presented at the PMI Symposium in Baltimore.


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