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Attitudes to Learning Lessons from experience | Project Research Institute

Attitudes to Learning Lessons from experience

Attitudes to learning lessons from our project experience vary widely. Prof. Terry Williams talks about a range of prevaent attitudes and justifications for using  and not using lessons learned - inlcuding the oft used "we don't have time" - in his research monograph Post Project Reviews to Gain Effective Lessons Learned  - see the PRI review for high level details.

However, as David Whellbourn points out on a Linked In discussion without acting on what's identified any lessons learned review is really a lessons identified activity. He points us to an APM forum discussion on this topic and there is a also a follow up discussion.

Additionally we hear from practitioners that after training courses they often to return to work to continue with the same practices performed in the same way - what value is their training and development experience?

At PRI we're interested in what this disconnect between practice observations and practice actions means for our debate on the gap between standard practce, actual practce and research.  Does it underline that there is in fact a deeper issue at play - one where in practice the opportunity to learn and debelop our practice is hard to achieve due to other constraints on our time and resources? Is it that attitudes to change management come into play here? Could it be that the risk towards making change form learning has to be clearly minimised, the benefit from the learning must be almost certain, before learning can take place?

What are the major barriers in practice to taking on learning? Do such barriers serve organizational strategic need? 



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