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Management of an Olympic Project | Project Research Institute

Management of an Olympic Project

What a wonderful and huge project the Olympics truly are. So much to learn.

Why not start with the economic overview form the Atlantic?

One researcher to watch on this field is Allison Stewart from Said School of Business at Oxford - see her research profile about management of the Olympics

Allison Stewart's research is attracting quite some attention in the press (see the list of press articles on  Bent Flyvbjerg's web page) , it's showing the "London Games are on track to be among the most expensive to date with a projected cost of £8.4 billion in real terms – and at 101% over budget." The research of Stewart under the lead of Bent Flyvbjerg  suggests it is the context of planning the games that could be the cause.

 According to Stewart's website she has two papers in prepartion on this material - we look forward to seeing them Allison:

- Flyvbjerg, B. and A. Stewart (In progress) An Analysis of Olympic Costs. <Audience: Academics, Practitioners>

- Rayner, S. and A. Stewart (In progress) The Future of Olympic Host Cities: The Legacy of Urban Development. <Audience: Academics, Practitioners> 

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