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Opening Minds Discussion Forum | Project Research Institute

Opening Minds Discussion Forum

A space for discussion of how best to make research available to practice.

Focussed around creating teachable moments in the classroom or practice setting, using both theory and literature and practice insight and experience.


NEW: Real World: Attitudes to leassons learned - ranging from total capture and integration to  lesson's identified to no time thanks - a big discussion area

Real World: It's Olypmics season! What can we learn from this huge programme of projects? Why not start with the economic overview form the Atlantic? Read more research about the games

Real world and Academe: Why is there a gap between: what we think we should do as documented in training and standards; what research tells us; and what we  do in our practice?

 Real world example: From the utility organisations' conference Autovation 2011, Kathy Sahadath's presentation on change management and how it enables Smart Grid innovation considers  the presence of project management within innovative change in Canada's Hydro One utility organisation.

Academe: The academic peer review process is taking a battering in the hard sciences how will it fair in management?

Learning: Best Papers to Learn from

Real world example: Using analogy in communicating your thoughts on PM

Learning: Read the review of Projects as Practice - this article takes the view that research should always originate in practice. [MEMBERS]

Learning: Pointers towards getting a better understanding of soft factors by looking at theory - in Terry Williams' PMRI blog.

Real world: There's an interesting opening minds discussion on Linked In about whether we need project managers if we have project management.

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