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Situational Sponsorship of Projects and Programs: An Empirical Review | Project Research Institute

Situational Sponsorship of Projects and Programs: An Empirical Review

by Prof Lynn Crawford, Dr Terry Cooke-Davies, Dr Brian Hobbs, Les Labuschagne, Dr Kaye Remington, and Dr Ping Chen


Following the increase in interest in corporate governance and research in competency in project teams sponsorship in projects has become highly relevant to the discussion about the success of projects. 

With increasing awareness of the impact of the context on project success this team has researched the situational context of projects by viewing sponsorship as the link between the corporation - permanent organisation - and the project - temporary organisation.

in this work sponsorship is seen to have a role in both governance and support of projects. The research holistically addresses formal and informal aspects of the sponsorship role: 

A. considering roles and responsibilities of sponsors and

B. identifying characteristics of effective sponsors

It achieves this in three phases of research:

1. 5 pilot studies

2. a 5 global region study producing 108 interviews

3. through validation workshops.


This short monograph is clearly laid out: chapter 2 provides background literature; chapter 3  research design and method; chapter 4 case details; chapter 5 analysis and chapter 6 conclusions.

A short slide show (with and without audio) of this overview is available below (remember to use your member log in):

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