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The Mindset for Creating Project Value

By Thomas G. Lechler and John C. Bryne


A short and interesting monograph of the research study (data from 2008-2009) into the effect that project managers thinking can have on a project.

The research investigates the premises and limiting assumptions within widely adopted project management paradigm, in particular the triple constraint of time, scope and budget. The researchers go so far as the  say  (p1) "this study is an attempt to change the thinking about how project managers should address their responsibilities in managing their projects."

The research is an empirical study of the decision making process of the project manager rather than a study of team-related behaviours.

The monograph is structured such that the authors frame their research first in terms of the challenge of existing attitudes via the triple constraint, followed by the concepts they examine (defining project value, project managers' project value mindset and project value opportunity) and set up three hypotheses to test.


  1. the relationship between project manager's value mindset to project value opportunity 
  2. the direct influence of project manager value mindset on project value
  3. the relationship between project value opportunity and project value
Details of how these concepts are measured and a discussion of the results from the survey are presented along with a discursive chapter on the learnings from the results.
The monograph concludes that organisations will gain value from projects with projects managers who can not only do as they are trained to, plan, anticipate and execute within the TC, but seek out and exploit project opportunities as they arise.


Online Discussion [MEMBERS] - Open for discussion - current topics, what is project value and project value mindset.

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May 12th  - What are we dealing with? Project success, project failure and project value.

May 19th -  What do these measures of project opportunity and project value mindset mean?

May 26th -  What does the research show?

June 2nd -  What do these results mean for project managers?

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