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Project Management as Management Innovation

Led by: Prof Janice Thomas (AU Canada), Dr Svetlana Cicmil (UWE, UK), Dr Stella George (AU, Canada)

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Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice

Led by: Dr Svetlana Cicmil (UWE, UK), Dr Terry Cooke-Davies (UK), Dr Lynn Crawford (Bond University, Australia) and Dr Kurt Richardson (ICSE, USA) 
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Project Publications - see review of resultant monograph.

Researching the Value of Project Management 

Led by: Dr Janice Thomas (AU, Canada) and Mark Mullaly (Interthink Consulting, Canada)
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Comments about researching the value of project management on the web
Anshuman Khare interviewing Janice Thomas on the Value Project 

Research arising from the Researching Value of Project Management Data

Project Management as a Source of Competitive Advantage 

By: Dr Kam Jugdev (AU, Canada)
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Impact on Project Management of Allied Disciplines: trends and future of project management practices and research 

By: Dr Young Hoon Kwak  (GWU, USA) and Dr Frank Anbari (GWU, USA)
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Rethinking Project Management

Led by Dr Mark Winter (Manchester Uni., UK.) funded by EPSRC, UK.
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Selling Project Management to Senior Executives

By: Dr Janice Thomas (AU, Canada),  Dr Kam Jugdev, Dr Connie Delisle
November 1999 - December 2001
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Professionalization of Project Management

By: Prof. Bill Zwermen (UofC, Canada) and Dr Janice Thomas (AU, Canada)
Spring 2001 - Fall 2003
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Knowledge Networks in PM

Building Knowledge Networks in Project Management Led by Dr Kam Jugdev, (AU, Canada) Funded by SSHRC

Governance and Ethics 

A research project called Governance and Ethics  considers case studies in several companies in different countries on how ethical dilemmas are tackled.

The work has been carried out by nine research teams (including BI, SKEMA, UTS, Chinese Academy of Science, University of Newcastle, and Newcastle University (one in Australia and the other in the UK) with the lead researchers are Rodney Turner, Ralf Müller, Shankar Sankaran and Erling Andersen.

Results are being shared in joint workshops are held to leverage the accomplishments in Australia with those in Europe and China and integrated in masters level courses. A paper has been proposed for the PMI Research and Education Confierence, 2012.

Start date: February 1 2010

Submitted by: Dr Erling Andersen

How to Organise Projects

Research project that aims to develop a more robust understanding of how to organise for projects. Specifically, it asks:

  • What are the good practices, routines and management systems within these organisations? Why do they work well? and
  • How do these practices differ from non-project based organisations?

The study is looking for interviewees with experience in more than one project-based organisation. If you would like to participate, please send me an email:

Date: Fall 2011

Submitted by Dr Joana Geraldi



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