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Linking Projects to Strategy in the Public Sector | Project Research Institute

Linking Projects to Strategy in the Public Sector

The agenda and summary of a live webinar hosted by PRI by Dr Eileen Pepler on March 21 2012.





This highly relevant and interesting live webinar gave practice a great practical link to research and back again. In considering the disconnect between strategy and project actions she created a position from which to understand how we can make project actions be more successful especially in the early stages if project creation. She considered how the point of conceptualization must be linked to the setting of strategic goals. Dr Pepler suggested a new approach embracing change as danger and hidden opportunity by asking different questions. Recommending the use of scenario modelling with highly complex projects (such as in the health care system,and  also in enterprise wide risk management as one participant aptly noted) organizations can gain a tangible (rather than simply descriptive) collective perspective on the elements in the system and see the bigger picture on a number of levels.  Especially given the need to link costs and outcomes, risks and the 'what if' questioning.   



AU PRI are not able to provide the full slide presentation - if you would like to attend a seminar about this mateiral please contact us for details. Dr Pepler will also be offering a demonstration presentation of a case using scenario modelling - if you would like to be involved please contact stella for details.


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