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AU-PRI is a new form of research institute designed to take advantage of the social networking power and crowd wisdom enabled by the World Wide Web to improve our knowledge and practise of project management.



If you have found us, you are interested in project management research.   

You know that Project Management is a global activity involving literally millions of individuals and organizations and billions of dollars of investment.  You also know that project management is a complex activity requiring knowledge of a wide array of management and other disciplines.  You come to us with a unique set of experiences, training and opinions about how to manage projects.  You also likely have another set of questions, problems or challenges you are trying to answer.  

We welcome you into our burgeoning new community.   It is this combination of experience, questions and seeking that ties all those who congregate here together.  Each of us shares a passionate interest in project management combined with a burning desire to answer some of these questions.   Thank you for turning up and we hope we can entice you to make this a regular stop on your web explorations.

As I said above, AU-PRI is a new form of research institute designed to take advantage of the social networking power and crowd wisdom enabled by the World Wide Web to improve our knowledge and practise of project management.  What this means is that rather than focussing resources on building a small group of researchers situated in and serving one geographic setting, we seek to connect all the academics contributing to evidence based understanding of project management practice with the advanced practitioners interested in applying this knowledge and sharing their own, to improve practice with the students studying it.  

The RI is the brainchild of a small group of researchers who want to expand the reach of project management research into the boardrooms, policy centers, project management offices, and academic journals of the world by building a focal point for a worldwide collaborative effort aimed at challenging common sense and current best practise and thinking to move us toward new intellectual breakthroughs and managerial practice.  Through this PMRI initiative we hope to link and leverage the small pockets of researchers, organizations, and individuals from around the world to build a common understanding of what we currently know about projects and project management from which to move beyond current “best practices” and standards to truly successful projects.

 PRI serves a disparate audience made up of students of project management.  Within this audience reside actual masters and PhD students currently studying, researchers, practitioners and organizations.  We expect that the value of PMRI will likely be different for each of these groups:

  • Students – reference to key readings, researchers, background materials, and connections

  • Researchers –  a source of ideas, resources, funding, collaborators, dissemination opportunities, access to practitioners and organizations, a place to discuss and frame research questions and share results.

  • Practitioners—a source of up to date, research based knowledge of practice beyond the introductory or bok levels, a place to discuss and debate topics, connections to people who might be able to contribute to answering burning questions

  • Organizations—as a source of current ideas, knowledge, research, insights;  a place to find the resources to answer questions

 And each individual will get out of their engagement with PMRI in equal proportion to what they contribute.  We hope that each of you will ask for what you need and contribute what you can.  In this, way we hope to build a community to share knowledge and shape the future of project management.

In the last year AU PRI has generated a web presence focussed largely on disseminating research activities and findings through such activities as research paper reviews, research project summaries, and book club discussions of recent PMI sponsored research monographs.  A small number of very thoughtful individuals have engaged with us at this point and we thank them all for their contributions.  

In the next year, we will continue with our book club activities, host blog posts written by active researchers from around the world on current research topics, deliver webinar presentations of research findings, work to provide access to research conferences and discussions from around the world, work on your suggestions for improving the Institute, deliver web based tools to support research, and endeavour to build a self sustaining community interesting enough to keep you all coming back and contributing.  

Through social media, our newsletter and my blog I will endeavour to keep you informed of developments at AU PMRI as well as key debates and discussions in the project management world.  Having been a writer for most of my adult life, I am new to blogging and will be learning on the job.  I will consider it my privilege to learn alongside you  - about project management and the web – this year.

A productive 2011 to all.

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